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Book Hangovers

I put down the bottle and picked up a book. Reading saved my life! I went from booze hangovers to book hangovers and I am the happiest I've ever been! 

It's on Neil Gaiman!!


I have this personal battle going on with Neil Gaiman.

I'm trying to reading everything that he has ever published!!

Now, I know that this will be difficult and damn right IMPOSSIBLE for

a gal like me!!!!  There's just so much this

man has written and Illustrated!! 

He's got Novels, Graphic Novels, Short Stories, 

Children's Books, Anthologies and even Plays!!


So I have narrowed it down to a list 

of books that I will read:


American Gods





The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Good Omens

Anansi Boys

The Graveyard Book


Odd and the Frost Giant

Fortunately, the Milk

Books of Magic

 M is for Magic

 Sandman (Graphic Novels)


These books are the easiest ones to get my hands on. 

Each one I read I will cross out!


Challenge has been accepted Gaiman!

I look forward to reading your words!!







♥ Happy Reading Y'all ♥