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Book Hangovers

I put down the bottle and picked up a book. Reading saved my life! I went from booze hangovers to book hangovers and I am the happiest I've ever been! 

It's getting hot in here...So take off all your clothes...MacKayla???


So I just got to the part of the book where it starts to get

R rated!!

It's about time!!



MacKayla has just ran into V'lane, prince of the Tuatha De Danaan, who has this incredible power of making her




I'm talking take off your shirt and bra

in the middle of the street,

during the day time,

without even noticing that your doing so......

Then actually being so aroused that

you get off just by simply touching yourself...

down there


That's some kind of power to have!



The song that goes

♫♪"When I think about you I touch myself"♫♪

starts to play in my head for some reason!!


I'm definitely looking forward to what's coming up in

the next half of this book!




♥ Happy Reading Y'all ♥