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Book Hangovers

I put down the bottle and picked up a book. Reading saved my life! I went from booze hangovers to book hangovers and I am the happiest I've ever been! 

Read along with my gals

Zombelina - Kristyn Crow, Molly Idle


is DREAD-fully unique!!


What a hauntingly sweet book

of an adorable dancing Zombie girl.


She loves to dance ballet, especially for her family

but what happens when she has to 

perform for others on stage??


Stage FRIGHT??



Wow!! The girls and I just loved this book! It was fun, with a rhyming style of writing that made it quick and easy to read for my girls. Easy to remember the story too, when words rhyme. 


Vitabella (10 yrs old): She read it out loud to us and she shouted "ENCORE"

                   when she was done, making the younger girls and I laugh. (even though the younger girls had no idea what  

encore meant, they laughed at the why she said it!!)


  Lily (3 yrs old):  She giggled the whole time, repeating parts of the story, questionably and curious to what it all meant, LOL!!!

Like: "moonwalk with mummies and boogie with rats"?

and "encore" when my oldest said it at the ending!


       Leia (6 months old):  dadddaa (slurp.....drool...) maam maama, with some giggles in there, seeing the older girl's facial reactions and loud laughs!