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Book Hangovers

I put down the bottle and picked up a book. Reading saved my life! I went from booze hangovers to book hangovers and I am the happiest I've ever been! 

Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Goals for 2014



1:   Read 50 Plus books this year~ Last year I set a goal to read 30 books. I knew I could probably do more but because half the year had gone by when I set the goal, I opted for 30. I ended up reading 41 so I was pretty proud of myself!


2:  Stop buying so many books~  I am such a book hoarder! I love collecting books. Used books, new books, hardbacks, paperbacks, and just recently ebooks for my Kindle that I got for Christmas!!  I have so many books on my TBR list, so if I see any book out there that is on that list, if it's a reasonable price, I will get it! Knowing that I don't have the time/money for it or even just losing interest in it.


3:  Blog a little bit more~  I'm pretty new at book blogging or blogging period. So I'd like to read more blogs, gain more blog knowledge and remember to blog myself!! An easy way for me to start is with doing more of these memes, which are fun and easy :)


4:  Read the books I have sitting in my bookcase~  Because I hoard so many books, I tend to forget about them because they get buried behind another stack of books. So this year I'm going to pull all the book I've haven't read out of hiding and read them, THIS YEAR!!! ( Tip: I can fit them into challenges I'm doing)


5:  Read ebooks in Kindle that were bought but NEVER read~  This really goes with goal #4 but I chose it to be a separate goal b/c it's one goal that really needs to be achieved! I have so many ebooks on my kindle it's kind of ridiculous! I've downloaded so many free ebooks that I know for a FACT that, I JUST WON'T READ EM'!!! So my goal is to read the ebooks that I purchased. (Example: Fangirl, Not A Drop to Drink, The Knife of Never Letting Go, Outlander, Shadow and Bone, ect.....)

(S/N:  The reason why I have so many ebooks that need to be read is because I just got a Kindle for Christmas. It takes some getting use to. )


6:  Get a new Bookcase~  This has been something I've been trying to do for a while now! Get a new bookcase or build one, my husband being a carpenter.  This year we plan on remodeling our house.  I'm trying to talk my husband into building a bookcase into our wall.  The poor, warped-shelf bookcase that we have now, that's over-loaded with books is about to collapse :(





7:  Have at least 2 Date Nights with my Husband a Month~  Between work and kids, my husband and I don't get that much alone time together.  His job is very time consuming especially during the holidays. (UPS delivery man)  Then there's our two kids, both girls, 3 years old and 6 months old. They! Are very time consuming, LOL!!!  I'm a stay at home mom so anytime my husband and I get alone is a treat!!


8:  Cut back the intake of Coffee~  Or shall I say, the intake of sugar in my coffee! In 2013 after I had my daughter in June, I lost all my baby weight plus some. I had stopped drinking alcohol (beer) completely so I was rewarded with losing weight! Instead of drinking beer I started to drink more coffee, but the way I drink my coffee is like consuming 2 cups of sugar. Yuck, I know! So I'm going to cut my amount of coffee to 2 cups a day, using only 2 teaspoons of sugar in each. Oh and drink more water during the day!!


9:  Stick with the Books and keep avoiding the Booze~  After struggling years and years with alcohol, I got my act together back in February of 2012.  Books/Reading saved my life. I locked myself in my room for a week with The Hunger Games trilogy, got over the worst stage of my "no alcohol" way of life and here I am today, sober and the happiest I've ever been!! So I'd like to continue reading and NO DRINKING! Books not Booze!!


10:  Remodel our house:  For the past 2 years, 3 years actually, my husband and I have been talking about remodeling our home. When our taxes come back this year we are going to do this! Tear up the carpet, sand and refinish hardwood floors, tear down the paneling on our walls and put up drywall, sand and paint. While working on the walls, one side will hopefully be made into a bookcase. There's a lot more that needs to be done but we'll do that in another year or so (add another room w/ bathroom)



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