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Review: No One Else Can Have You

No One Else Can Have You - Kathleen  Hale





(I read this back in January and forgot to post my review on booklikes. So here it is. I guess because this book was so, eeehhhhhh, I forgot all about the review. Whoops)

It took a lot for me to finish this book. Thank GAH, like one of the character's says, it was a really easy book to read! "Don't cha know"

I was interested at first because it was about a murder in a small town. I like some mystery and suspense, a bit of a thriller. So I checked it out from the library. Glad I didn't buy it b/c I was happy to return this one!

It's about a murder in a small town called Friendship, Wisconsin. Kippy Bushman's best friend, Ruth has been murdered and with the help of Ruth's diary, Kippy does her own investigation to find the real murderer.
It was so cheesy right from the start and I basically knew who the killer was a couple chapters in. I found the characters to be really immature. You'd expect that, maybe, from the younger characters but from the adult characters too??!?!?! What was up with all the nick names Kippy's dad gave her. Pimple? Pickle? Cactus?!! 


This book was definitely not my cup of tea and I really wouldn't recommend to anyone.

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