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Review: Half Bad by Sally Green


Okay...I was a bit disappointed with this one, only because it was one of my anticipated debuts/releases of 2014.

The concept alone was intriguing and unique enough to keep me going and also I fell in love with the main character, Nathan, rather rapidly that I just had to keep following him on his journey.

A witch born with both white and black witch in him, Nathan was shunned away from everyone except for his family. On a journey to find himself and his father, Nathan is bullied, viciously beaten, held captive in a cage...I mean I give the author credit for keeping it real and brutal because that's just what it is. Heart-less and cruel!! I felt myself weeping inside for Nathan, for the wickedness he suffered.

There is a little bit of light for Nathan when he meets Annalise. But that is soon short lived because she is a Pure blooded white witch, forbidden to have anything to do with a black witch. I understand the author having written a love interest for Nathan. Giving him some hope but I found the whole romance lacking and kinda irrelevant. I did't find a real connection between the characters. 

I felt like this whole book was just a build up for the second book. I'm sure it'll turn out better this one. Do I even want to read the next book?!?! I don't know yet....we'll see.


Half Bad by Sally Green= 3 Stars



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